OnlineHelpdesk want to help you online

The mission of is to help you and your friends and colleagues online. A lot of friends asks us the same questions, if we write it down, we do not have to search and explain the same things over and over again, so it is a benefit for all of us.

Why using OnlineHelpdesk?

1. Online Helpdesk for you and me

We want to build the biggest online helpdesk. So we need your support for this. You support can be:

  • Ask Questions
  • Answer Questions

2. Purpose Continuously learn and adapt

When you aks questions and answer questions you will see that you will learn a lot. will support your continuosly learn path.

3. Execute

We appreciate people who are willing to help! Join our community now.

4. Direct and be respectful

Our key values are respect. Please be polite for everyone.